"Licht an!" is still open, virtually!    See the video above and take a virtual walk.

Come and see our works at an exhibition in Kulturschüür, organized by Kulturverein Eierbrecht (Zurich Witikon, from Nov 16 till Dec. 1st). Vernissage: Saturday, Nov. 16, 5pm

The Force: an installation for Google Zurich Office (2013)

Dubai Shadow Park: a proposal (2013)

"master-piece" was presented at special exhibition Licht.Schatten.Farbe at Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg, Germany (2012-2013)

*geek: LEGO goes shadow casting panels (2012)

nature calling (2011-2012)

"got the message?" cards (2010-2011)

shadow clouds (2010)

piksol (2010)

Projects and works:
architect, works in Basel
studied at ETH Zurich and at GSD Harvard University
worked in New York, Berlin, Zurich and Basel
combines art and design
creates furniture and portable display spaces
cryptographer, software engineer, works in Zurich
studied at ETH Zurich and at Carnegie Mellon University,
worked in Zurich, Pittsburgh PA, and New Brunswick NJ
experiments with holograms and Fourier transforms